Moldmaking for new styles of horns!

Horns are usually some of our convention exclusive items, but that may change soon!

We'll be at London MCM comic con  on the 24-26th of May with lots of novelties and a few old favourites, and i decided to add a couple new horn styles to our *extensive* range. For now, the new styles will be the moonshadow elf horns and a pair of original demon horns, gnarly and organic looking. Demon horns mold wipWe start by sculpting the horns, in this case in foam, and sealing them with white glue.

After that, we take a ginormous block of clay and stretch it out to the desired size, large enough to accomodate the horns with a few centimeters to spare on each side. Some sculpting of the clay gets done, until we have a nice bed for the horn to lie in. Moonshadow elf hornThis process does take a long time, but in the end, adding some walls (made of wood, or cardboard depending on what you have available) is kind of a relief... It means i'm almost there!😅

Demon horns mold

Pouring the silicone is super satisfying. I like gloopy, sticky stuff 😋 air bubbles are the biggest enemy of the process tbh... That and having to wait until half the mold is cured to make the other half. Its really cold here today, so thats gonna take a ton of time 😒

I'll make sure to post updates on whether this actually worked and showing off the new casts if possible. I need to motivate myself to post more often x)

See you next time! 

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